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GoofTroopTMND is shit. In fact, it doesn't even really deserve a wiki entry. Someone should delete this. The first one was spawned into this world by menodog, who some believe is Satan incarnate. They consist of a random, unchanged image from an already existing YTMND, with the Goof Troop music playing in the background. menodog and poonanie123 have been responsible for most of this shit. They use alts to upvote the sites, as exposed by ryanmontana in one GoofTroopTMND comment page. Most YTMNDers hate the flood of GoofTroopTMNDs and therefore downvote anyone who makes them. You'll notice that there is no original site or worthy spinoffs on the side. This is because GoofTroopTMNDs are not original, and no spinoff is worthy. Ever.