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Gabbly Chat

Gabbly is a chat room website. The way it works is it puts a chat room on whatever website you are currently visiting. The main room for Gabbly chat for ytmnd would be on the front page. You type it in the browser as

How did it start?

Gabbly was not to big on YTMND and it is still not that big, Most Gabbly users started to chat on Gabbly after the user the-giva found it and started to comment spam it in place of the user's usual COOKIE 4 U ^_^

The Sites

The first Gabbly site was made by the user the-giva titled SUPER YTMND FAG PARTY! It was a screen shot of Gabbly chat with the music "This is how we do it" in the backround. Gabbly sites are most often posted under the user Dr-Gabbly with the occasional exception. The sites only follow a rough focus of using Text To Speech to replace words/phrases with things like "Gabbly" "Fag Party" or "Fagalicious."

The official Gabbly song is "Lovefool" by the Cardigans, and is featured in multiple YTMNDs.


It allows chatting for anyone who wants to continue to look at the front page. It also allows YTMND users to connect without using other software.


Many veteran users believe that Gabbly is a poor man's IRC and choose not to go on it.

Gabbly is not overly popular with many users, but those involved view it as a small sub-community of ytmnd with many varied styles

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