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The YTMND forum community has, on occasion, pushed several invented fads to the front page users, with the occasional successes including reaching the Top 15 Viewed YTMNDs list as well as the Top 5 Rated YTMNDs. Forum fads, by definition, begin on the YTMND forums.


The following is a list of the earliest forum fads. Though other less-influential users attempted to create their own forum fads, most of these failed to catch the imagination of the forums and front pages alike.

Mike Done

The first of the forum fads, Mike Done, was created with the intention of taking an inside joke even the forum users did not get and thrusting it into the spotlight to confuse or annoy front-page users. Forum users began with Mike is Done and made their own variations. While the fad did not catch on with the front page, it was included in one of the earlier polished fad conglomerates, iYTMND 2, which gave it some measure of mainstream respectability. Mike Done maintains a cult following with oldschool users and those in contact with them.

Tennis Man

Tennis Man folowed, using a picture of forums user MillionsV in tennis gear for a high school play, paired with Nightwish's "Ghost Love Score," and the text, "I'm serious about tennis." This fad also acheived little with the front page users, but was notable for turning "Ghost Love Score" into fad music.

Asiacopter was an odd fad. Its popularity was sparked only by the remake of a YTMND (originally made by Inkdrinker) by DrWorm, but set to Final Fantasy VII music, plus a thread calling for a Zerg Rush of asiacopters. A select few ytmnd users took it upon themselves to get the fad going, and sparked a huge battle with the big fad at the time "Professor X had one weakness." Eventually the front page was filled with ____copters and weaknesses.

Another such forum fad is where users gather together at a certain time and start producing sites with sound and text, but no image. The purpose of this is to confuse the users who only look at the front page of ytmnd. They will think that there is something wrong with their computer, that YTMND is broken, etc. The forum members then up-vote the site by giving it 5's and they post such comments like 'hahahah this is the best ever!'. Most of the time, they combine loads of fads together in the title and some put a (refresh), indicating that once the page is loaded that the viewer must refresh the page to sync it all up. When the forum members do this, it confuses some of the front page people, but it does not confuse many. This is usually because not everyone participates and sites are not made fast enough, so the 5 recently made sites could have two blanks and 3 regular YTMNDs.

As some forum members have explained, the unifying purpose of forum fads is not humor as much as the attempt to interfere with the fad-heavy business as usual on the front page. Despite this, however, this has led to many arguments between forum members, usually between people joining simply to express their annoyance with seemingly non-sensical series of YTMND's and regular users of the forums. It has even led to arguments between other regular users themselves, which as a result some users have put images of fights and with the words "YTMND FORUMS" displayed in several users' signatures. It has also led to a YTMND itself entitled "THE OFFICIAL YTMND FORUMS YTMND" with an excerpt of the trailer for the film Green Street Hooligans edited with the avatars of some users to give people an idea of how disorganised the forums can be.

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