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Finding Forrester is a 2000 motion picture about an inner city high school student (Rob Brown) who discovers and befriends reclusive novelist William Forrester (Sean Connery). The trailer for the film featured the 70-year-old Connery improbably uttering the phrase "You're the man now, dog!" which inspired Max Goldberg to create which in turn led to YTMND.

The line comes from a scene in which Brown's character, Jamal Wallace, is working on his writing at Forrester's home. After a few moments without dialogue, Forrester emerges from another room, admonishing Brown to "Punch the keys for God's sake!" Wallace types harder and the pleased Forrester laughs "Yes... Yes! Heh... You're the man now, dog!"

As Max's inspiration for YTMND was the trailer and not the movie itself, many YTMND users were unaware of the context of the line, beyond the absurdity of Connery saying it. When Aphex350 posted a YTMND depicting the full scene in March 2006, fads immediately developed from the other lines (and even the typing noises) in the scene.


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