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YTMND is known for its tendency to propagate a great number of fads and in-jokes. Note that the fads almost never consist of only the elements indicated for them. Indeed, the fads could not be as popular without variation or a nice cup of coffee and cheetos.


Intertextuality is a relationship between two or more texts that quote from one another, allude to one another, or otherwise connect.

One form of intertextuality is the relation of elements within a single site. Sites of the "classic" picture/sound/text variety use intertextuality between the image, the sound and the text to amplify or even create new meaning in their source materials. In instances where all the materials are from the same source, the elements build upon one another to make even a throw-away line one of significance. Sites with unrelated source materials repurpose each element to work toward a meaning that could not be reached from any one individual picture, sound or text alone.


The subject matter of YTMNDs are evolving and producing new combinations as replication continues by the second. One example is the What is love? YTMND. The YTMND features an animated GIF clip of a sketch from Saturday Night Live with Chris Kattan, Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell with a repeating section of Haddaway's song "What Is Love". It was soon followed by What is NES Love?, in which the clip is rendered in an 8-bit graphics style similar to those found on a game from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), complete with an NES version of the song. This was followed by What is a-ha?, with the clip drawn in a style similar to the music video for the song "Take on Me" along with a clip of the song. The fad was then merged with the Tiger Handheld fad for What is Tiger?. It was even mixed with the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince spoiler fad for What is Dumbledore?.

In some cases, a YTMND is framed to incorporate as many fads as possible, often called a fad conglomerate or fad compilation. One such example is the "YTMND: For Game Boy" site, which features a Pokémon-like Game Boy game where elements from other fads duel to the death. This is not a fad on its own but communicates the popularity and nature of borrowing from other fads (However, it recently got a "real", functional game of its own.). Another is "YTMN Damacy", which involves Katamari Damacy-style balls rolling up other fad images. This is combined with sound clips from other fad YTMNDs arranged to the song "Katamari on the Rocks".


Follows the actual fads in lists and divided by category.

Most Popular Fads

  • "KHAN!"; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Kirk's KHAN! fury scream.
The first major fad on YTMND aside from the original You're The Man Now Dog.
Previously part of the /contrib folder on the original www.yourethemannowdog.com. No original YTMND existed for this fad.
  • Dennis Nedry The line "Ah Ah Ah you didn't say the magic word," from Jurassic Park mixed with the song Better Off Alone. Sometimes Wayne Knight's Seinfeld character Newman is used instead of Nedry. The First Nedry YTMND
  • The Picard Tribute, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Jean-Luc Picard's quote samples from "The Picard Song" by DarkMateria.
The first YTMND to have passed 1 million views as of August 2005. On January 2, 2006, a hacker found the password for the site creator's account and deleted the site. Max Goldberg promptly replaced the YTMND with a previous backup, but was unable to restore its view count. By February 2006, "Picard Song" reached 2 million views.
In addition Picard has another fad, thought not as popular as the original Picard Song
  • "NOOOOO!": Darth Vader's cry of agony from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith
  • 2 fads involving Conan O'Brien
Conan is...AN ALLIGATOR, Conan O'Brien waving his arms like alligator jaws, with the song "Straight Ahead" by Tube & Berger. Sometimes the fad expands to other "Conan is..." ideas that do not use the "alligator" animation.
Future Conan is a popular variation of the Conan fad. Conan O'Brien in the future as the leader of a New World Order, illustrated with images from the 1984 Apple Macintosh computer commercial with an image of Conan repeatedly spreading and closing his arms and OBEY CONAN at his top left, with a clip of the Eurythmics song "Sweet Dreams".
  • What is Love!?, Haddaway's song "What Is Love": SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan and Jim Carrey in a car.
  • Sonic gives advice or Sonic Says..., Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic The Hedgehog gives advice on sexual harassment, in an audio sniplet taken from one of the "Sonic Says..." announcements shown at the end of every episode. The highlight of his speech is If someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes YOU feel uncomfortable, that's no good! This particular sniplet was taken from episode 3 "Lovesick Sonic". This is often combined with other fads, and occasionally a different sonic advice segment is used.
  • "lol, internet" or "Steam Steam". People in moving objects with a speech balloon saying "lol, <insert word here>", accompanied to a loop of "Running in the 90s" by Max Coveri. The original "lol, internet" featured Ronald McDonald in a blue car pointing diagonally upward.
  • Batman: "ualuealuealeuale": an image of Batman doing a sort of weird dance, accompanied by the song "Macarron Chacarron" by El Mudo. This YTMND was the first to overtake The Picard Song as the most viewed YTMND on the site. There were many YTMNDs featuring screenshots of the two shown side by side with the number of hits shown on the day before Batman overtook Picard.
  • CATCH THAT MAN!!!: This fad began on January 6, 2006 with an animation of a man in a milk crate wearing a motorcycle helmet maunually propelling himself forward while being chased by a bunch of asian looking men in tight wet suits down a slick roadway, accompanied by the song "Japan Break Industries" by Eurobeat.
  • Nintendo 64 kid: Taken from the popular video circulating the internet for about a year, it uses the hyper, excitable young boy in his pyjamas proclaiming his glee over his new Christmas present, the Nintendo 64.
  • "OMG, Secret Nazi...!" This fad hides a swastika in a picture and adding a seizure-inducing flashing picture of a person (usually Hitler) to the corner, accompanied by the song "Heute Ist Mein Tag" by Blümchen. The fad originated from an article about a hidden swastika in a German forest.
  • "Nigga Stole My Bike!". Punch-Out!!: Doc Louis riding a bike in front of Little Mac that was accompanied by the statement "Nigga stole my bike!" with those same words spoken by the YTMND's creator, Duezce. This was followed by the popular animated version with Duezce's words spliced into Punch-Out's music.
    • The fad originated on Something Awful for Photoshop Phriday, March 20, 2003, created by Allanon858. [1]
    • Was moderated and moved to NSFW status because of racial reasons.
    • There was a rumor that the quote "Someone stole my bike" came from the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
    • The line "Woke up the next morning, niggas had stolen my bike" has appeared in the song Hate It or Love It by The Game featuring 50 Cent and has been used in a few YTMNDs.
  • Brian Peppers, a sex offender in Ohio with a facial malformity. [2] Typically accompanied with song "Burn Bobonga" from the SNES game Chrono Trigger. The one that pretty much initiated the fad featured an image of a woman sitting on a bench, digitally altered to look as though Peppers was hiding inside of a mailbox behind the woman and watching her. This was the first to use "Burn Bobonga" as the background song, and also introduced the most common text to be displayed, a cry of "Brian No!"
    On January 31, 2006, Grimaf created a YTMND purporting to display "the truth about Brian J. Peppers", detailing his difficult, convalescent life, which led to some users removing their Brian Peppers sites. This new information was seemingly verified by a man claiming to be Peppers's brother, Allen Peppers. On February 2 of the same year, Kyeson created "Allen Peppers: Hypocrisy" which displays a screenshot proving that the person upvoted many of the "offensive" Brian Peppers sites that he criticized. Furthermore, other YTMND users pointed out multiple inconsistencies in the man's story including a time discrepancy regarding a "Faygo" soda can that appeared on a table in a picture that the man claimed to be from 1976. The can design was discovered not to have been created until the early 90's. Subsequently, the man created one last site which confirmed that this had all been a joke. The site first shows a "final letter" to address YTMND of his frustration. "The Truth about Brian Peppers" as well as "A Letter about Brian Peppers" are accompanied by the song "Forever Rachel" from Final Fantasy VI.
  • "...doesn't change facial expressions". A fast-moving animated GIF of a person in different photos. The person has the same (or very similar) expression in all of them. Accompanied by Eric Prydz's song "Call on Me". In more recent versions the picture may also be static. It originated from a flash file that was found in an update (on May 24, 2005) at Albino Blacksheep called 'The Face'. The .gif used in the Lindsay Lohan version of this fad became infamous when it was posted and watermarked on eBaum's World without permission.
  • Safety Not Guaranteed; a newspaper ad from a person asking for someone to accompany him in time travel with image of a stone-faced young man with a mullet (haircut)|mullet. The ad warns that a potential respondent's safety is not guaranteed as he only tried once before; There are 2 varieties of this fad, both accompanied by the song "Push It To The Limit". This image originally appeared on an episode of the Jay Leno Show.
    • The photoshopping of the ad for other people (example: Dick Cheney|Cheney, Dr. Emmett Brown, Crono, etc...)
    • Various photoshopping of the "mullet man" in various historical events (example: The Last Supper, Vietnam War, etc...)
  • "... has one weakness" It all started with a YTMND called "Professer X has one weakness". It was a picture of The X-Men character Professor X being pushed down a flight of stairs by Sinister (from Ultimate X-Men #49) saying, "Stairs." Since then, people have either edited that same picture or used another picture using the same music, a remix of Axel F.
  • Bill Cosby from a fictional Kids Say the Darndest Things skit shown on The Simpsons where he asks a child what he likes to play. The child says "Pokémon," which Cosby then rambles about incoherently.
    • Recently, there have been various remixes of the Cosby scene set to various fad music (PSP, Stop the Rock, etc...)
  • "Punch the keys, for God's sake!" or "PTKFGS" After the original scene from Finding Forrester in which "You're the man now, dog!" originated was made as a YTMND by Aphex350, a new fad was born from the line also featured in the scene, viewed to be an alternative catchphrase to "You're the Man Now, Dog.". Most people view this as an "alternate dimension" version of the site (with "Punch the keys, for God's sake" as its tagline, obviously), and as such, they create alternate versions of existing YTMNDs. (One popular PTKFGS said that the time traveller from the "Safety Not Guaranteed" fad went back in time to change this.) Some of these alternatives include:
  • "R U SHUR" instead of "O RLY?"; complete with appropriate pictures of cats.
  • The John Sheridan (from Babylon 5) song instead of the Picard song.
  • Darth Vader yelling "Yeeeeeeesssss!" instead of "Nooooo!".
    • There is also another verson with Luke Skywalker yelling "NO!", from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Milton questioning his stapler using a clip from Weird Al's song "Dog Eat Dog" rather than asking someone to give back his.
  • "Spic stole my bike!" instead of "Nigga stole my bike!".
  • Sex offender Marvin Wayne Stevens popping out of a post office box instead of Brian Peppers peeking out of a mailbox.
In addition, Brian Peppers is portrayed as a ladies' man in several PTKFGS, featuring a clip of Robo (Chrono Trigger)|Robo's theme from Chrono Trigger instead of "Burn Bobonga" and the text "Go Brian!" instead of "Brian no!"
  • A clip from the American version of Iron Chef is used where the host eats a green apple instead of a bell pepper.
  • Oprah killing Tom Cruise instead of the reverse used in ytmnd.
  • The Joker singing another part of "Macarron Chacarron" instead of Batman.
  • Or The Green Hornet uttering his own babble.
  • Or Spider-Man singing a part of Lemon Demon's The Song You Hear before you die.
  • Colonel Sanders of KFC fame saying, "omg, internet" instead of Ronald McDonald saying, "lol, internet", set to "Golden Age" by Max Coveri.
  • OMG, Secret Communist!, a play on the OMG Secret Nazi! fad with the original forest photoshopped to look like the sickle and hammer insignia of the Soviet Union (or anything implying connections to Communism or the Soviet Union), accompanied by a strobing photo of Josef Stalin and the song "All the Things She Said" sung by t.A.T.u.. Originally, the English version was first used, but due to the request of others, the Russian version has been the main choice.
  • Lindsay Lohan changes facial expressions a lot, instead of Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions, accompanied by the song "Hazel Eyes" by The Darkness.
    • Another version involves Ashley Tisdale doesn't change facial expressions, this one accompanied by "We Built this City" by Jefferson Starship.
  • Summoning of an ice spirit instead of a fire spirit, set to a song based on the recurring musical theme from the film Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell.
  • A third universe, known as YesYes was created as a result of PTKFGS, featuring another Connery quote. However, this idea was rejected by several YTMND users. It has a green water mark pasted on the bottom right corner of an image.

There's also a ptkfgs.com that redirects to a random YTMND page each day. These YTMND pages appear to be high-rated ytmnds not necessarily relating to the ptkfgs fad. Recently, a pornography site has purchased the domain of ptkfgs.com. In May 2006, Clockcrew.org, a site to temporarily host PTKFGS pages, was registered.

  • NEDM stands for "not even Doom music". It was said on user Spotz's site in reference to him five starring a YTMND that showed a kitten being burned. He had five starred because it featured Doom music, then the infamous quote was used. User moheevi then made the original NEDM site and continued making NEDM sites as an homage that "not even Doom music" justifies burning cats. Several users then made subsequent YTMNDs, including users stratos-the-bratos and awesomebob. The first explanation of the fad was given by Spotz in a forum post, which was then put into a site created by the user pork4eva. A more detailed explanation by user krytycal then followed that explained that NEDM fad despised burning cats. The use of chapstick in this fad began due to moheevi's site http://nedm.ytmnd.com/.

Popular YTMND songs

Many popular YTMND songs have been made available to download in a compiled soundtrack by YTMND user, fyrestorm via BitTorrent. The soundtrack currently has 11 volumes, each made to fit on standard 72 Minute Compact Disc length. Volume 11 was released on June 5, 2006.

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