Extended Cut

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Extended Cut
Preview image
Original YTMND:
Gay Conclusion
by syncan
May 19, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

Extended Cut YTMNDs take sound clips of people singing a long note (or saying/shouting a word in a similar matter), and edit them to make them go on for even longer.


  • Sound File: A single word (or a lyric with a long note in a song), edited to prolong the word itself. For example, in David Hasselhoff's "Du", during the definitive "DEW!!!!!" line, it has been edited so that Hasselhoff holds the note an improbably long time, as can be heard here.
  • Image: Sometimes the image depicting the extended cut has been modified so that the main focus of the image is longer.
  • Zoomed Text: Optionally, the text transcribes the lenghened word. Often confined to one line in such a way that the text doesn't look right when zoomed.

Extended+Cut YTMNDs

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