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{{iboriginal|yesitstrue|Gay Conclusion}}
{{ibdate|May 2006|May 19, 2006}}
|title1=Wheel of Fortune [Extended Cut<nowiki>]</nowiki>
|title2=KHAAAAAAN!! (Extended Cut)
|title3=vader extended cut
|title4=DEW!!!!! [Extended Cut<nowiki>]</nowiki>
|title5=You betrayed the LAW! [Extended Cut<nowiki>]</nowiki>
'''Extended Cut''' YTMNDs take sound clips of people singing a long note (or saying/shouting a word in a similar matter), and edit them to make them go on for even longer.
== Components ==
* '''Sound File:''' A single word (or a lyric with a long note in a song), edited to prolong the word itself. For example, in David Hasselhoff's "Du", during the definitive "{{ytmnd|dew|DEW!!!!!}}" line, it has been edited so that Hasselhoff holds the note an improbably long time, as can be heard {{ytmnd|dewextended|here}}.
* '''Image:''' Sometimes the image depicting the extended cut has been modified so that the main focus of the image is longer.
* '''Zoomed Text:''' Optionally, the text transcribes the lenghened word. Often confined to one line in such a way that the text doesn't look right when zoomed.
[[Category:Fads|Extended Cut]]

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