Epic Maneuver

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Epic Maneuver
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Original YTMND:
Epic Geordi Manuever  
Worthy spinoffs:

The Epic Maneuver fad is devoted to animations of people doing epic things, or somewhat mundane or ridiculous actions presented in an epic fashion. It began with Epic Geordi Manuever [sic], which featured Star Trek: The Next Generation character Geordi LaForge dramatically rolling beneath an isolation door before it seals off a breach in the warp core breach. The Nightwish song "Ghost Love Score," which had been previously used on many other YTMNDs, is often used in the fad and has now become synonymous with epic maneuvers.

A sub-fad started with Epic YTMND Ridin' Spinnaz maneuver, in which the user is prompted to navigate to a website (e.g., YTMND.com) and then paste a block of JavaScript code into the location bar, causing the website itself to perform an epic maneuver.

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