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On June 5th, 2007, user Kassius created Epic Beatz. It was a remix of Nightwish - Ghost Love Score, the fad song for Epic Maneuver YTMND's. The site was generally well received by the YTMND community. People praised Kassius for his remixing skill and his ability to completely rework a dead fad into something enjoyable. Then for a long time there was peace and tranquility.

Three months and four days later, on September 9, 2007, another talented remixer, keatonkeaton999, created a "fun times mix" of Kassius's Epic Beatz remix. The war had started.

In retaliation, Kassius created a Beatz remix of keatonkeaton999's fun times mix. This escalated the war. There was no turning back now.

The war is still taking place. Every now and then you will see Kassius's or Keaton's next move being placed on the Featured Users section. Gradually throughout the war, the two competitors are bringing new characters into play. On Part 7 Kassius introduced PACARD, someone known for his sheer epicness. Keaton responded by busting out his Charizard. In the most recent remix, Kassius has just brought into play Eminem, as he usually remixes his raps into several of his other sites.

There are currently 9 total remixes by the two users, including the original Epic Beatz that started this Epic War.

  1. Epic Beatz
  2. PART 2: Epic Beatz (fun times mix)
  4. PART 4: Epic [Epic Beatz (fun times mix)] Beatz! (fun times mix)
  5. Part: 5: EPIC(EB(FTM)B(FTM))BEATZ
  6. PART 6: EPIC (Epic [Epic Beatz (fun times mix)] Beatz! (fun times mix)) BEATZ (fun times mix)
  7. PART 7: EPIC (EPIC (Epic [Epic Beatz (fun times mix)] Beatz! (fun times mix)) BEATZ (fun times mix)) BEATZ FEAT. PACARD
  8. PART 8: Epic Beatz (fun times mix) FEAT. EPICNESS
  9. Part 9: Epic Fun Time Beatz FEAT. EPIC DISS

Keatonkeaton999 has not released Part 10 yet, but has said that he will "add a lot of distorted 8-bit sounding instruments, increase the tempo a lot, and mix in Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.