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The Eon8 Timer Reaches Zero...
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Eon8 was a site designed to appear as mysterious as possible. The site included random code, a deployment map, titles for non-existant operations, and the mysterious timer on the main page. Upon the discovery of Eon8, many YTMND users flew into an irrational panic, along with many other citizens of the internet. Throughout the entire day of June 30th, 2006 EON8 YTMNDs were made. The more stable people suspected some form of advertising or a search for attention. On the night the timer was to end, Eon8 crashed from all the traffic it recieved, and Eon8 sites dominated YTMND. After the timer ended, the creator of Eon8 revealed it to be a study of the reactions of the internet. He, along with many others, were shocked to see the internet panic because of a simple website. Other, more logical people, think the creator of the Eon8 page is full of shit, because it wasn't a "simple website". It included a map of the world with targets all over it, references to handbooks, and codes in the handbooks, and different plans and plots. The creator said he wanted to prove that humans want to destroy the unknown, but his website was set up to lead you to heavily believe it was a website by some kind of group with some kind of plan. His "study of the reactions of the internet" is more like a "study in, after doing the timer many other times without a reaction, the fourth time they go crazy and I get to look like an awesome person when I reveal it is a hoax and talk down to the people who wanted to have some fun by believing in it."

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