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"Dr-R337" is a PTKFGS character modelled after Dr-L337's friend, Tony. He was created after YTMND user SMZ created the first ever Dr-R337 site, as a PTKFGS to Dr-L337 in general, and, due to the fact that AWPerative, another YTMND user, suggested that someone make a Dr-R337 account in the comments to the site. Dr-R337 is known for being more of a spam poster, and seems to attempt to model a ptkfgs version of Dr-L337, although, he only models the general site theme, but not the comments.

Dr-R337 tends to never vote. Ever. He made it up to about 100 votes, then deleted them all, for some mundane reason. Now, he posts comments saying random numbers, and random votes, but never adds a vote in itself, quite possibly succeeding at imitating Dr-L337, by imitating a lot of YTMND users.

It is also true that Dr-R337 gave up the rights to the profile to the original creator of Dr-L337, but quickly re-acquired the password after realizing that the account was laying dormant for a few days.

Recurring themes

  • Many of Dr-R337's sites use the song "Turning Japanese" by "Incubus".
  • He tends to use improper grammar, by stating he "gets banged" by chicks, instead of actually "banging" them.

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