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{{YTMNDer Infobox|name=Dr-L337
{{YTMNDer Infobox|name=Dr-L337
|firstSiteCaption=batman has phanto's key! (changed back)
|firstSiteCaption=batman has phanto's key! (changed back)
|firstSiteDate=August 1st, 2006
|firstSiteDate=August 1st, 2006
|join date=August 1st, 2006
|join date=January 5th, 2007
|site average=***
|site average=***
|vote average=
|vote average=
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{{ibm|Pavol Habera & TEAM|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/7c6556d365e103e20362c9f6f31064a1 Drzim Ti Miesto]}}
{{ibm|Pavol Habera & TEAM|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/7c6556d365e103e20362c9f6f31064a1 Drzim Ti Miesto]}}
"'''Dr-L337'''" is a YTMND character known for having a very high opinion of himself. His sites usually show alleged photos of himself surrounded by girls, getting or about to "get laid". His sites frequently contain a computerized voice that enunciates "Doctor Leet", mixed in with the sound file. In November 2006 it was revealed that Dr-L337 was not in fact a real person, but an alter ego of a number of well-known YTMND contributors. 
Dr-L337's sites often spawn a number of controversial comments, instant downvoting and high sponsorships. Dr-L337 often provokes the community's interest by sponsoring "his" sites (this is actually a number of YTMND users donating money for the account to do this).
== Specific pranks ==
On the night of October 9th, every site on the front page was changed to a picture of Dr-L337. The sites were soon reverted to their original state.
== Speculations ==
Following the hacking of several YTMNDs to include Dr-L337's image, some speculated that "Dr-L337" was in fact:
* The alter-ego of a famed YTMND user
* The account of a moderator
* A shared moderator account
* Simply a large shared account used to make pranks
On November 13, 2006 the main core of Dr-L337 revealed itself, as well as lower level contributors/those who helped with the sites, and those who donated. It can be viewed at [http://thereveal.ytmnd.com thereveal.ytmnd.com]. However, the Dr-L337 character will continue to make sites, according to its contributors.
It is still unclear who the man pictured in the YTMNDs actually is.
== Recurring themes ==
* Many of Dr-L337's sites use the song "Horndog" by the group "Overseer".
* On each site, Dr-L337 will cite the sound as a random band (eg. Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, etc.) and the image as a random image.
* Dr-L337's YTMNDs usually contain variations of the picture featured in this entry, sometimes crudely Photoshopping his face into various classic YTMNDs or other files.
* In numerous sites, Dr-L337 makes reference to an evil twin named "Elshteveo" A birth certificate recently surfaced indicating Dr-L337 does indeed have a twin brother, though his level of evil has yet to be determined.
* Dr-L337 also makes frequent references to two gentlemen named Mr. Ross and Tony:
**Mr. Ross is represented by a picture of a black man with a moustache, and is often the butt of racist jokes made by Dr-L337.
**Tony is alledgedly Dr-L337's asian friend.
== Locked ==
On January 7, 2007, [[Max Goldberg|max]] locked the Dr-L337 account as punishment to it's original creator, dantheman, since he and [[Michael Wolfson]] phished and deleted all of fourest's YTMNDs.
==External links==
*[http://www.dr-l337.com/forums Dr-L337's forums]
*[http://www.myspace.com/drl337 Dr-L337's myspace account]
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Dr-L337 Banged Your sister, lolol

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