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[[Image:|200px|Preview image]]
Original YTMND:
DOITZONE: Ben Stiller Loves Orange Soda  
by Lcadwallader 
July 6, 2007  
Worthy spinoffs:

DOITZONE is a fad started by YTMND users Lcadwallader and dunsparce. It is based on a scene from the 2004 film "Starsky and Hutch", featuring actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the title roles. In the scene, they are undercover as entrepreneurs and Starsky asks a waitress to kiss him, being insistent by repeating "do it" over and over again. Hutch then says "do it" as well, prompting Starsky to scold him for copying his fake voice and personality.

Fad sites mostly featuring around either inserting the "do it" quote into other fads or situations, or making remixes featuring the quote, as well as other soundclips, including:

"Johnny Red Neat, okay?" "Bacardi and Cola" "Come on, lay it on right here, do it"

(All from the same scene) as well as the voices of a girl saying "Ben Stiller" and "Owen Wilson" (the source of these sound clips is unknown).

Sites are usually prefaced with "DOITZONE:" as if it were an alternate universe fad. In addition, the domains are often in the form of "doitzone-[something]".