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Army contest Dew Army contest entries Template:Dump

dewarmy's Dew Army contest entries: copied from here also see:

Some links are out of context and completeness is not guaranteed. Anyone can edit this anyways.


dewarmyupdate top 20:

20 lamination
19 brownbrown
18 whereismymine
17 douugh
16 eeeeeeeeeee
15 noplatestoohigh
14 mypants
13 snooper
12 achooo
11 rakeme
10 mydarlingewe
9 buttonz
8 iwgf
7 hamburbertopping
6 bjorkchair
5 letterc
4 mychainsaw
3 ramstein
2 tictactictack


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another one


[nuclearbastard] After just 16 hours out of the gate, this contest has had 147 submissions. It will probably surpass AOTS by the time Sitsu wakes up. Best$5 I ever spent! 2006-03-09 05:07:29

heut ist mein tag



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Oh you touch my dew

and an article just for you *

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Copied all links of the contest site site into THIS looooooong list that is tabbed-browsing-friendly

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you're ten times better

I just realized I hadn't voted on this yet.

David Hasselhoff memorial

bitten off more than you can chew... lmao.. that's ALOT


ATTENTION PEOPLE, a message: its much less about finding misheard lines than it is about glorifying some mundane everyday object THROUGH the misheard song. 2006-03-12 11:38:30 Gwommy

I can't believe nobody did this before me

emphasis went from 'misheard lyrics' to' contextually off'

******** 2006-03-13 00:0:00 **************


Pettitman: I think its a little limiting if you give out awards for "Winner" second place, third place, etc. I think there was a MUCH bigger turnout than anybody expected, and there could be many different categories. I think it would be cool to have a "Best Single Word" entry, "Best Phrase," "Best Misheard Lyric," "Best Out of Context,"Best Image," "Best NSFW Entry," and stuff like that. Make it like the AcaDEWmy awards or something. Just an honest thought.

TenaciousA: ^^ a good thought Pettitman, but look at the amount of work they've got to do already. We should be happy that they havent backed out because of the sheer amount of entries.

MasterSitsu: pettitman, thats being considered, but we dont know if or what prizes would be done for those.

TenaciousA: well, you could make a ytmnd "hall of fame" site which lists the URLs of the top 10 dews, or something. I know all of the sites are on wikipedia, but I doubt anyone is going to actually look through all of those sites.

I see nothing at * ?_?

long time no update

ah crap

This makes physics seem fun

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Also, is it safe to assume that judges are taking one giant final overview of all entries? I tweeked a few after people (namely Sitsu) left suggestions for improvement. 2006-03-14 14:35:07 MasterSitsu

how come mine isn't on the wikicities list?

khaller: assure you your entries were judged, either ollj missed a couple or someone tampered with the wiki site. we made our own list. Ollj: err i basically go trough the text and delete all words that do not contain *.ytmnd.* , it is possible that short ytmnd links in long sentences like get deleted accidently. Also the list puts all urls out of context. The list is not used by judges, its only meant for fans anyways. ---18:23, 22 March 2006 (UTC)

- *

winners start being announced tomorrow.

since it was such a bigger thing than i expected, i'm giving out more than originally intended so more people could get something for their effort. 2006-03-19 20:22:33 MasterSitsu

as for why people from 6-20 are all getting the same prize, well, so few points seperate those sites from each other i didnt want to shut them out. 2006-03-20 00:42:29 BTape

it was pretty subjective, but then again we were using judges that had a pretty good sense of what we were looking for - those who know this is more than an 'out of context/misheard lyric' thing, that its about highlighting a mundane object to the level o 2006-03-20 10:04:33 MasterSitsu

of art. Each site was judged out of 20 (more score options to avoid ties) by each person, and the total scores determined the outcome. 2006-03-20 16:06:05 skatevans99 each of you scored every single site? i honestly have to give you as well as the other judges credit...thats a lot of work! 2006-03-20 17:31:50 Gwommy is doing a presentation of winners. for the top 10 each one will get its own day of glory. 2006-03-20 20:21:11 catwatch

For those scouring this site waiting for the next 10 sites, check 2006-03-21 07:01:35 JengaJim 5 stars

"E Penis." "Yes my master?" "RISEEEE!"

I did not update this list for some time because the contest was over, but now that winners got anounced and people moan about missing entries u added all above. Btw this list is >850 urls long ---18:23, 22 March 2006 (UTC)