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This article is about the YTMND itself. For the fad associated with it, see Dew Army.

DEW!!!! is a YTMND created by MasterSitsu [1], which was the inspiration of one of the most popular YTMND fads in existence. The YTMND contains a sound clip of David Hasselhoff's song "Du", with an image of four drops of dew, hanging from a twig. The shooting text reads "DEW!!!!!!!". The connection between the german word "Du" and the english word "Dew!", as well as the dramatic energy Hasselhoff sings are believed to be the punchline of the YTMND.

Since then, a full blown fad of has grown from this YTMND. Some of them are completely different images and songs, while a couple stay on the original topic; either with another song (such as Du Hast), or image (Mountain Dew).