Cosby Bebop

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Cosby Bebop
Preview image
Creator: SirLemming
Created on: May 5, 2006
Sound origin: Cowboy Bebop 'Tank!' + Simpsons + Family Guy
Image origin: Self-created

Cosby Bebop is a YTMND created by SirLemming on May 5th, 2006. The YTMND is based on Cowboy Bebop's opening sequence, but instead of pictures of the original characters, silouettes of Bill Cosby have taken their place. The background music is a remixed version of the original "Tank!", in which clips of Cosby's voice have been superimposed onto the song.

The YTMND Cosby Bebop has gained Hall of Fame status and as of July 14, 2006 it has earned $30.53 in sponsorship, 559,999 views and 2507 favorites.

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