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==Game related==
==Game related==
*{{y|conanhench|Conan is... A DR WILY HENCHMAN!}}
*{{y|conanhench|Conan is... A DR WILY HENCHMAN!}} (Mega Man)
*{{y|conagahnim|Conan is... Agahnim!}}
*{{y|conagahnim|Conan is... Agahnim!}} (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
*{{y|conanzeromus|Conan is... Zeromus!}}
*{{y|conanzeromus|Conan is... Zeromus!}} (Final Fantasy IV)
*{{y|conanispacmanomg|Conan is... Pacman!!}}
*{{y|conanispacmanomg|Conan is... Pacman!!}} (Pac-Man)

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The fad Conan is... became such a popular fad that many spinnoffs were created, and still are.

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Film and Television related

Game related