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| [[spin]] || Spinnin' around
| [[spin]] || Spinnin' around
| [[Bobby Fischer]] || Gary Kasparov
| [[Marin]] || i hate you! http://ptkfgsjoshcube9.ytmnd.com/
| [[Marin]] || i hate you! http://ptkfgsjoshcube9.ytmnd.com/

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PTKFGS variarions of YTMND


(the table is semi chronological and needs to be sorted in fads)

lol internet ROFL; books / lol omg colision / http://roflpokebooks.ytmnd.com/ omg, internet (Colonel Sanders)
conan leno / Template:Yy / looks superficial / isnt looking at you at all / looks slighly to the left / ignores you / you stare into conans soul / stares into the distance / future conan past conan enslaves germany http://bernardoyster.ytmnd.com/ / mortal leno II
Batman Spiderman / Hulk / Superman communist / the green hornet / Superman / Joker / batman lose controll / http://ptkfgstakingover.ytmnd.com Superman / robin
Picard, USS Enterprise Sharidan, Babylon 5 / Picard song sung by kirk / alternate art class / sheridan song / Han Solo
secret nazi Secret communist / secret soviet / secret USSR / stalin dance / terrorist
O RLY? (chicken) / YH RHGT? YS RHGH! (owls) / R U SHUR? SHUR M SHUR! (cats) / FAUX SHUR KUNT B, HUH (cats) / KENT BE! (cats) [1] / O RLY. / TA NUKI? (???) / Oh Really? Yes Really! (ducks) / NO SHT (turtle) / RoReal? FoSho! dog / ape squirrel penguin
myspace suicide / Emo oranges http://fivehundredninetynineusdollars.ytmnd.com/ Myspace happiness "I'm still alife" / Happy oranges / Chatroom Suicide / Tagworld careday / happy onion / http://myspacehookup.ytmnd.com/ Xanga Homycide
Yiddish Bauman Emails a dramatic reading a Catrman'ic reading / Yiddish Cup Holy Grail / ebaumsworldrocks.com lyrics / friends / http://mytefillin.ytmnd.com/The max emails a rather generic reading / "wicked" sa.com / break.com steals content / College Humor stole /
Vader:"NOOOOO!" Luke:"NOOOOO!" / Vader: "Yes." / Vader: "YEEEEES!" (white costume) / nooooohttp://ptkfgsnoo.ytmnd.com/ / rvb
The robots have taken me please send help. I Have taken the robots I Don's need any asistance. / The robots saved me. / the robots have taken jhn connor please send help / http://ptkfgsvinnyweapons.ytmnd.com/
Burger king Jesus "Wheres your burger king now? lol" / [http://capmorpreditor.ytmnd.com burger king, sexual predator / Ronald Mc Donald / [Whos your father now] (with the Toys 'R' Us Giraffe.
Gay Fuel Lesbian Energy / Strait Fuel renders humor contemporary
Snape Kills Dumbledore Dumbledore kills Snape / on page 606 / oswald kills kenedy
Safety Not Guaranteed Security not Ensured (with beard and yellow glasses) / MANY new crappy/old Safety ytmnds "many new safety ytmnds" that guarant safety, weapons / punch it to the limit / http://ptkfgstimetrav.ytmnd.com/ {http://eatitptkfgs.ytmnd.com/ eat it!"]
stapler "This is not my beautiful stapler" (mine is not blue) / bush believe you have my weapon / Put my stapler inside the jelly again / [stappler http://ptkfgstapedispenser.ytmnd.com tape dispenser]
Sonic Mario / super sonic advice "thats good" / shadow gives orders
Bill Stickers Bill Posters / bill stickers is guilty
Peppers predator http://jcbrownlee.ytmnd.com http://mattswannerno.ytmnd.com/ (the database is big, many new faces) / "Gooooo Brian" Peppers the gentle lover / burger king, sexual predator] / sexual healer / peppers : Michael / peppers, ladies man / Briana Onions / senator peppers / Brenda noo / swapped / http://brianapredator.ytmnd.com / http://ptkfgstruth.ytmnd.com/ Marvin Wayne Stevens
pi scrambled / sqrt(2) / e "3" /
changes does not change changes a lot / "and just other faces"
new orleans white new orleans (in KKK dress)
Jesus Satan / jesus: muhamad / burger king: Jesus "Wheres your burger king now? lol" / jesus / Buddah / moses
blue ball machine green ball machine / red commie ball machine / red ball machine
Chuck norris  : Steven Seagal / Jack Bauer / Clint Eastwood / Bruce Lee / Patrick Swayze /

chuck norris can stop the rock / http://vindiesal.ytmnd.com ??? / chuck norris facts (facts from wikipedia) / Walker /

weakness  : no weakness / one power / one strength
accepted megaman villain / allowed protoman villain
barrel roll Star Wolf: What the heck / try a sommersault / barrel roll
inkdrinker Excellent job! keep up the good work! & http://inkdrinkerptkfgs.ytmnd.com/ / inkdrinker 2
macgyver fails the day / Jack O'Neill restores

Mackgyver saves? / angela lansbury saves star trek

feature PSP freature: PSP works / yes its a defect / Nintendo DS, its not a card, its UMD / There are no defects, only gameplay
N*gga Super Spack http://ptkfgsletterman.ytmnd.com / asian stole my bike http://asianstolemybike.ytmnd.com/ / nigga wants chicken http://ptkniggachicken.ytmnd.com/ / Sp*c stole my bike
dew dewnavy (with original lyrics?) / !!!WED http://ptkfgswed.ytmnd.com/ / army octopus army ???
meth smoked marijuhana / did heroin http://ptkfgscharles.ytmnd.com/
kaga green apples http://ptkfgsbellpeppers.ytmnd.com/ / + outlined version
math is destroyed. math is solved http://mathdestroyed.ytmnd.com/ http://ptkfgsmath.ytmnd.com/
connery "mission impossible" http://ptkfgsimp.ytmnd.com/ / dunno how http://seanconnerycanttype.ytmnd.com/
nye fails science http://ptkfgsbillnye.ytmnd.com/ / Candance the science gal http://candacethesciencegal.ytmnd.com/
moskau volga http://ptkvolga.ytmnd.com/ / [2] Dchingis khan / rasputin
ayb [3] all your bass
Chunk is destructable / picard is indestructible / chunk is vulnerable is destructible
lose Youre the winner / lose wrong sir / wrong sir wrong
Gman gordon is having a terrible time / max hedron / is doin alright / Breen's Having a Beautiful Morning
x UPS goan Give it to Ya (2x)
summon Water Spirit (4x)
...gets Thwomp'd ...gets Whomp'd
spin Spinnin' around
Bobby Fischer Gary Kasparov
Marin i hate you! http://ptkfgsjoshcube9.ytmnd.com/
todays secret word gets censored
official shirt  ???
Offensive Muslim catroons Offensive Judaism Cartoons
Sailor Moon Sakaki vs. Sailor Moon http://sakakivssailormoon.ytmnd.com/ ("Sailor Moon vs.", not "Sailor Moon Meets...")
cant see this you cant see or hear shit youre banned idiot you cant see this
summon ice spirit
for porn http://defyinggravityptkfgs.ytmnd.com/
Future Trebek (lasers enterprise)
great moment terribler moments in traffic history http://ptkfgsterriblemoments.ytmnd.com/
bush does care about black people http://bushdoescareptkfgs.ytmnd.com/
gameboy for gamegear http://ptkfgsgamegear.ytmnd.com/
RIP means right in place http://billcosbyrip.ytmnd.com/
raffi mario phone
spanish inquisition gay black jewish clansmen http://niggabought.ytmnsfw.com
nintendo Sega http://ptkfgsnintendo.ytmnd.com/
medieval ancient (egypt hieroglyphs, greece paintings)
mario super world http://ptkfgsmarioworldsong.ytmnd.com/ (slower)
what is what is cowbell http://ptkfgswil.ytmnd.com/
khan kirk http://ptkfgskhan.ytmnd.com/
pass gandalf lets you pass
therapy cruise doesnt need therapy
Homer  : Peter http://griffinptkfgs.ytmnd.com/
ninja pirates http://piratesoriginal.ytmnd.com/
2:33 am http://ptkfgspm.ytmnd.com/
google thanks google http://lolgoogleptkfgs.ytmnd.com/
work it rock workd it http://ptkfgsrockworksit.ytmnd.com/
age 9 art http://ptkfgsmikeage9.ytmnd.com/
interpretation English Ducktales re-interpreted into Dutch
censored porn uncensored porn
blob white queen
you lose wrong sir
spaceghost spaceghost no
work it future tale maker
blob juggernaut
dew for real http://dewarmyreal.ytmnd.com/
gameboy for gamegear http://ptkfgsgg.ytmnd.com/
seizes controll seizes power
Lemonparty Apple fest
todays magic word http://ptkfgsmagicword.ytmnd.com/
[[orleans] LA
lounge parlor
What is What is cowbell

inkdrinker inkdrinker 3

cloudsong not a big deal

leeroy [leeroy

xp http://supermarioim.ytmnd.com/

revolucion http://hogface.ytmnd.com/

Pinkfloydtmnd http://tellingonlylies.ytmnd.com/


futurama: http://ptkfgssummit.ytmnd.com/

take prisoners: http://ptkfgsisabettername.ytmnd.com/

justice: http://inptkfgs.ytmnd.com/

a way of life: http://ptkfgslife.ytmnd.com/ http://ptkfgsowns.ytmnd.com/






Image noise words

music medley


wicked criticism







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