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(Extremely incomplete list of Comment Spammers)
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| 10
| 10
| {{ytmnduser|Randy-Savage}}
| <font color="orange">'''Medium'''</font>
| <font color="purple">Snap into a slim jim!</font>
| 11
| {{ytmnduser|chernobyl86}}
| {{ytmnduser|chernobyl86}}
| <font color="green">'''Inactive'''</font>
| <font color="green">'''Inactive'''</font>

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(List and description needs improvement)


A comment spammer is a user on YTMND that usually only votes 1 or 5, and leaves either one or numerous repeating comments of the same thing. The earliest exaple of this would be VinnyWeapons and sexymofo. Most of them are attention whores who have really pointless or crappy sites. Their main focus is to either piss people off by downvoting, or help their crappy sites by upvoting and hoping that people will upvote theirs.

Extremely incomplete list of Comment Spammers

# User Activity Comment Most Common Vote Other Info
01 ddiknad Active (Lots of repeating"█ █ " marks) Fair voter.
02 The-giva Active COOKIE 4 U ^_^ *****
03 thebigbaka Active this site will be killed Fair voter.
04 sexymofo Inactive You fail. Please try again. ^_^ (when downvoting) or ^_^ when upvoting *
05 hawtpanz Active Intense, My vote goes to you v_v *****
06 Flavor-Flav Active YEAH BOYEE! *
07 Hulk-Hogan Active Whatcha gonna do brother??! * Might be Flavor-Flav's alternate account.
08 Qnslaught Active Yo es dinero. *
09 nugget Active F, (along with a rude insult, mostly a death wish). *
10 chernobyl86 Inactive отсутствие and other pointless Russian characters *