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Preview image
Original YTMND:
Wow is serious business
by cloudy01
July 21, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
"You Fucking Stole my Cloudsong!

The Cloudsong fad was one of the most interesting fads during the Summer of 2005. The fad was born on July 21, 2005 under the title "WoW is Serious Business", one of the first of the Serious Business sites. The site shows an image from World of Warcraft along with dialogue of a player screaming at another fellow that he stole his cloudsong. Due to the amount of explicit language in the dialogue, many Cloudsong sites are nsfw'd.

A major misconception was created due to the site as the dialogue was actually for another MMORPG called Dark Age of Camelot. Since that site though, most cloudsong sites usually involve the WoW image used in the original. After the original ytmnd, sites slowly began to rack up before it was officially called a fad. Sites will play around with the dialogue, sometimes remixing it to other songs. Other times, the dialogue would be added in various TV/movie scenes. The original site has racked up over one million views.

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