Chris Crocker

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Chris Crocker
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Chris Crocker is the name of a nineteen-year-old gay transvestite who makes a number of "edutainment" videos on Youtube. Claiming to be half-boy and half-girl, Crocker's videos deal with issues such as gender differences in relationships and sexuality (although he rarely bears any real insight). On September 9, 2007, Crocker posted a two-part video in which he, crying profusely, told the American public to leave Britney Spears alone. This video came shortly after Spears' poor performance at the 2007 MTV Music Video Awards. Crocker claimed that the public needed to leave Spears to recover and get her life back on track, and he warned watchers that he would kill those who continued to attack her. YTMNDers soon made a number of sites parodying Crocker and his wild outburst.

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