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looks like somebody messed up!

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Original YTMND:
by SonOfPrince
December 28, 2006
spinoff1=mgchocolate title1=Metal Gear Chocolate spinoff2=chocogump title2=Hello. My Name's Forrest Gump. spinoff3=thelandofchocolate title3=The Land of You Know What spinoff4=wantsome title4=It's Good! Want Some? spinoff5=lovechocolate title5=Everybody Loves Chocolate

ytmnd|chocario||POKEMONTMND- Lucario Loves... CHOCOLATE!!!!!! The Chocolate fad features Tom, a fish from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Chocolate With Nuts" who went crazy over chocolate when SpongeBob and Patrick offered him some. Normal sites usually involve chocolate when Tom's head appears. The real first site was Metal Gear Chocolate which was created over a year before the site, CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, that started the fad.

This fad currently has the distinction of being the inspiration for the third-highest ranked YTMND of all time. As of January 22, 2007, It's Good! Want Some? (which edits Tom into a scene from the World War II film Windtalkers where a U.S. soldier is shot after he pulls out a chocolate bar) has a score of 4.75, trailing the second-highest rated site (New Talent on 60 Minutes) by a hundreth of a star.