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by steinjake11
July 11,2005

A fad of printscreened pictures of people chatting with "chat robots" such SmarterChild, SantaBot or iGod. They say something strange, and the chatter printscreens and submits to YTMND. The fad doesn't require that much effort and is often submitted by NARVs.

SmarterChild YTMNDs
SantaBot YTMNDs
Zola YTMNDs (Mainly known as ZolaOnAOL, but later was replaced with SmarterChild in the later ages.)

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Unlike me YTMND user SantabotAI i make Santabot ytmnd's With more detail My Santabot ytmnds are not NARV's You Can Check them out if you don't belive me look up my ytmnd profile santabotai and don't forget to laugh your ass of and 5d.