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Original YTMND:
Sub bitchez da ps triple be ballin' yo  
by gravijacrux 
March 26th, 2007  
Worthy spinoffs:

Chad Warden (or Chadwardenn, as he was known on youtube) was an infamous troll who posted a series of videos in which he tried to explain why the Playstation 3 was better than the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. He attempted to act all ghetto and "gangsta" in these videos, and used the n-word frequently, despite obviously not being black. His arguments were also so poorly constructed as to be hilarious (for example, he claimed the Wii controller looked like a dildo and went on to say "I ain't trying to play my games with no DIL-DO"). Despite the fact that he was obviously trolling, thousands of people took him seriously and he became one of the all - time most infamous youtube trolls. Even though he closed his account, his original videos are still mirrored by many people and clips of him are still used in many parodies, such as youtube poop.

As a fad on YTMND, he was popularized by users Lcadwallader and Dunsparce, who often shorted his name to "Chawa". The fad recently caught on with other users, and ChadWardenn sites are being made with increasing frequency.

Links to mirrors of Chadwardenn's original videos:

Some sites also feature another Youtuber, Anthony Perez, who made videos supporting, agreeing with, and trying to imitate Chad Warden. Anthony Perez thus became the PTKFGS version of Chad Wardenn and is sometimes seen as his friend/sidekick in various sites.