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{{Fad Infobox|name=CATCH THAT MAN!!!
{{Fad Infobox|name=CATCH THAT MAN!!!

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This fad began on January 6, 2006 with an animation of a man in a milk crate wearing a motorcycle helmet maunually propelling himself forward while being chased by a bunch of asian looking men in tight wet suits down a slick roadway, accompanied by the song "Japan Break Industries" by Eurobeat. Initially submitted by infernalmeep, the image source was attributed to "2chan", a parody of the infamous 4chan.org.

Created by?

User infernalmeep has not commented whether or not he was the creator of this animation or just a reposter of this image. All indications are that he is indeed the artist behind the image until further proof is brought to light.


To date there are more than 100 spinoff sites from this initial entry.