Bobby Fischer

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Bobby Fischer
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Original YTMND:
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess  
by jimmydbpari 
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Worthy spinoffs:

Robert James "Bobby" Fischer (3/9/1943 - 1/17/2008) was a very famous chess player, and the only American ever to officially become the world champion. He is considered by some as the greatest chess player who has ever lived.

But that is not all he is famous for...

In 1992, after playing a rematch (for the 1972 world championship match) with Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia, the US government indicted him for allegedly violating a UN sanction against Yugoslavia. Since then, he never returned to the US, and began roaming various countries around the world... When eventually, in January 1999, he suddenly emerged on a Hungarian sports radio to announce he was "persecuted day and night by the Jews". This started what became a long series of interviews in various countries, ending in October 2006, all of which were basically Bobby Fischer's means for making extremely vicious anti-American and anti-Jewish rants -- some of which came out as unintentionally hilarious...

Sites in this fad usually have a taken-out-of-context short clip from one of his interviews, put to a picture of Bobby Fischer (or, in some cases, the image has Jews in it).

The first such site was, by jimmydbpari. Much later on, Uncircumcised started making a lot of these sites.

The fad also sometimes overlaps with Darthwang's CHESSTMND fad.

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