Blue Ball machine

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Blue Ball machine
Preview image
Original YTMND:
Blue Ball Machine
(Classic GIF Returned)
by Earthbounder
October 23,2005
Used Music:

The Blue Ball Machine is one of the most frequently-viewed pages on all of YTMND and the most viewed Hall-of-Fame member as of September 2, 2006. The site is a patchwork of animated GIFs linked together accompanied by a looping hook of Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure. The image was created by hundreds of Something Awful forums goons who made one frame each. It has earned this title by accruing a staggering four million pageviews since its inception in October of 2005.

Due to its enourmous viewcount, it is touted as the greatest YTMND ever created. But the original creator, Earthbounder, does not feel the same. He claims that Cosby Bebop is the greatest ever. He is also not willing to let his YTMND grow old and decay. He claims that if the rating falls under **** he will have it deleted as soon as possible.

The origin for the image comes from a patchwork of interconnected animated GIF files created by members of the SomethingAwful forum members.

Due to cost-requirements for accessing the SomethingAwful forums, a link to the original thread is unavailable.

Fad sites based on this usually involve other variations of the blue ball machines or other "loopy" images.