Bill Nye

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Bill Nye
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Original YTMND:
Bill Nye The Science Guy!
May 1, 2004
by TrentonMcCain
Worthy Spinoffs:

Bill Nye the Science Guy was an Emmy Award-winning educational television program, hosted by Bill Nye. It was originally broadcast on PBS from 1992 to 1998 and is currently syndicated. Each episode aimed to teach a specific topic in science to a preteen audience.

The Bill Nye fad was popular early on in 2004. The main fad just involved the theme song being clipped into other sound clips (e.g., I believe you have my "Bill Nye"). Most sites contains the popular theme song to the show (the song was included on Volume 1 of the YTMND Soundtrack).

Most Annyoing Bill Nye Loop Ever

In December 2005, the user JBOD created a site that had the "Most Annoying Bill Nye Loop Ever". The loop had the "Bill Bill Bill Bill" portion repeated endlessly in a loop. The site was popular and spawned a sub-fad, where the loop would accompany pictures of utility bills and congressional bills.

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