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On July 14, 2006 - On the site beyondtheblueprint claimed he would appear on QVC at 2am to "own" the channel with a prank call ripe with YTMND references.

His site gained instant attention and was upvoted by excited users, many of which were alleged "NARV"s. While the site initially received a rating near that of a top 5 site, it quickly sank below 3 stars as it was clear beyondtheblueprint did not have a clear idea of what he was doing or if he could actually get in. beyondtheblueprint repeatedly asked the users commenting on his site if they knew the QVC hotline number, evoking a flurry of tollfree numbers, as well as proof that beyondtheblueprint had not actually done any real research into his prank. Beyondtheblueprint serves as a living testament to the moral "Don't count your chickens before they hatch".

Various IRC Channels were created in honor of the prank call event.

His site was deleted before 3AM of that day, then replaced by user alextide32 with "Flying Lobsters Have Taken Over The Top 15".

Many users have now decided beyondtheblueprint's massive failure amounts to the worst site ever created on YTMND, mainly due to the fact that QVC is nearly unwatchable at any hour, nonetheless 2 AM EST.

Marlene proved the ultimate victor that evening. She called in at the exact time beyondtheblueprint was supposed to be on air.

The original site contained the following image: