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*Try a U-turn!
*Try a U-turn!

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Barrel Roll
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Original YTMND:
Do a barrel roll!
by dude95
April 28,2004
Worthy Spinoffs:

The phrase Do a Barrel Roll! comes from the 1997 Nintendo flying simulator/space combat game Starfox 64. It was a phrase uttered by one of the character's main wingmen, Peppy Hare, in the beginning stages of the game. The fad may have been started by members from the Life, Universe, and Everything board on GameFAQs.

The fad was one of the earlier fads, and became popular quickly. Most sites would play around with his quote, putting it into various situations. The phrase is also used on a side note in other sites, assuming everyone knows the joke, such as Lex Luthor > Scientology, where the creator decided to put a "lol, barrel roll" talk bubble on a car because it was rolling away. Another example is Fat Batman gets on fire!, where Peppy is heard when batman stops, drops, and rolls.

Even outside YTMND, Peppy is a fairly common target for parodies because of the nonsensical phrases he utters and because of his ludicrous accent. Other phrases include:

  • To barrel roll, press Z or R twice!
  • Try a somersault! (used in the PTKFGS version)
  • Use bombs wisely!
  • Try hovering!
  • Use the boost to get through!
  • Use the brake! (used in the YESYES version)
  • Don't mess up that Arwing!
  • Try a U-turn!
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