Baron lasers

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Baron lasers
Original YTMND:
by HouseofCards
February 3, 2008
Worthy Spinoffs:

Baron Lasers is a fad consisting of an image of The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from the Dune series with lasers attached to his head and many other changes, including an odd purple eye in which he is sometimes seen carrying. A typical Baron Lasers site is of a past fad being "modified" with Baron Lasers improvements and a highly distorted song, making Baron Lasers a noise fad(WRONG!). On many occasions, the citations of a Baron Lasers site would end in eous, such as "Baroneous Lazereous" The fad was started by the user HouseofCards and carried on by a few such as, DaltonofZeal2, Smith-Man, DarthWang, and YTMNDkg.

YTMNDkg was known to put the most effort into the Baron Lasers sites he created, he was later banned however, he made a few alts to create more Baron sites, one alt being "lasersBaronLasers", that account was also later banned. Since then he it appears he has stopped coming to YTMND.

The PTKFGS of Baron Lasers known as Baron Treehats.

The music used for Baron Lasers is a noise removed version of the Tenchu 3 song, "Onikage" by Noriyuki Asakura.

The origin of Baron Lasers can be traced back to a string of YTMND comment pages, which started on this site with a comment by RubilacEx:

"I like when Metroid takes off his helmet and it's actually Marth and Roy underneath"

daltonofzeal2 used the idea in this comment to make this site, which gave birth to the famous comment by daltonofzeal2:

"so wut. i bet in in 5 minutes by jumping over the castle and kiling baron lasers."

This gave houseofcards the inspiration to make the first Baron Lasers site and the fad grew from there