Baron lasers

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Baron lasers
Original YTMND:
by HouseofCards
February 3, 2008
Worthy Spinoffs:

Baron Lasers is a fairly new forced fad (it's not actually a fad but the 4 people who make the sites disagree) consisting of an image of The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen with lasers attached to his head and many others changes. A typical Baron Lasers site is of a past fad being "modified" with Baron Lasers improvements. The fad was started by the user HouseofCards and carried on by a few such as, DaltonofZeal2, Smith-Man, DarthWang, and YTMNDkg. This was and still is the stupidest fad to ever exist on YTMND.

Baron YTMNDs often incorporate an odd purple eye with a lazer shooting out and the PTKFGs of Baron Lasers known as Baron Treehats.