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Preview image
Original YTMND:
You're banned idiot!
by max
March 23, 2005

The term banned is used when referring to an account or IP that has been restricted from one or any YTMND-related activities including, but not limited to:

  1. Logging in or resetting the account's password.
  2. Viewing or posting to the forums.
  3. Accessing any YTMND domain
  4. Accessing the Ventrilo server.

There are also two different types of bans used on the YTMND Network: User Bans and Blanket Bans. Each have distinct effects upon the user subjected to them and effect different groups or individuals.

Use of Banned YTMNDs

When a YTMND user account is banned from, the user is no longer able to view any and all YTMND domains or content. When visiting any page after receiving a ban, the user in question is redirected to a special YTMND. This YTMND was created by Max as a special greeting for individuals who have received an administrative ban or users who have accessed YTMND from a forbidden referrer.

Banned YTMND Content

The banned user YTMND is simple. The image portion consists of a photo of Ray Charles and the phrase "Perma-banned" tiled behind him and the phrase "You Can't See Shit!" juxtapositioned in the front. The audio portion is a short loop of Ray Charles' "Hit the Road Jack."

User Bans

The most common cause of a ban is due to Terms of Use violations documented by the moderating staff. Occasionally, less-productive users can be banned because of multiple low-quality, low-traffic YTMNDs. Typically, the users is given the option to either delete the YTMNDs in question or forfeit all created YTMNDs and chance a ban.

Blanket Bans

In addition to individual user bans, entire ISPs, referrers, or geographical locations can and have been banned. The most noteable referrer with a blanket ban is EBaum's World, because of the large amount of tension between the two communities.

A referrer ban is easily circumvented by arriving at the desired website directly, or from a certified link that is not in the banned referrer list. ISP and geographical bans are circumvented most easily through IP spoofing techniques or sockpuppeting, which are not acceptable means of accessing the YTMND Network.