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Original YTMND:
You're banned idiot!
by max
March 23, 2005
Used Music:

The term banned is used when referring to an account or IP that has been restricted from one or any YTMND-related activities including, but not limited to:

  1. Logging in or resetting the account's password.
  2. Viewing or posting to the forums.
  3. Accessing any YTMND domain
  4. Accessing the Ventrilo server.

Site Banning

Background image of the banned user YTMND

When a YTMND user account is banned from, the user is no longer able to view any of the sites on YTMND, the front page, or any other content. When visiting any page, the user will be redirected to, a special site created by Max specifically for redirecting banned users to, as well as external referers that are not welcome to link to YTMND content directly. The site features Ray Charles (pictured right) singing "Hit The Road Jack", with the caption "YOU CAN'T SEE SHIT!" -- a spoof of a well-circulated, doctored image of Mr. Charles playing the piano, featuring the caption "I CAN'T SEE SHIT" and small "red-x boxes" over each of his sunglasses' lenses.

Normally, users are only banned for breaking the Terms of Use, although some users have been threatened with a ban for making a large number of low-quality YTMND sites, and harboring them despite rock-bottom scores between 1 and 1.5. In such incidents, the user is usually given the choice to delete some number of their worst or least favorite sites or face either deletion of all of their sites, an indefinite account ban, or both.

Referer Blocking

Ebaumsworld is a notable website on the list of blocked referers. Despite implying to the visitor that they themselves cannot use YTMND, it is of course the case that the user can easily revisit the page with their browser's address bar, and use all of the features of the site thereafter.