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{{iboriginal|banned|You're banned idiot!}}
{{ibdate|March 2005|March 23, 2005}}
The term '''banned''' is used when referring to an account or IP that has been restricted from one or any YTMND-related activities including, but not limited to:
# Logging in or resetting the account's password.
# Viewing or posting to the forums.
# Accessing any YTMND domain
# Accessing the Ventrilo server.
There are also two different types of bans used on the YTMND Network: '''User Bans''' and '''Blanket Bans'''.  Each have distinct effects upon the user subjected to them and effect different groups or individuals.
==Use of Banned YTMNDs==
When a YTMND user account is banned from YTMND.com, the user is no longer able to view any and all YTMND domains or content.  When visiting any page after receiving a ban, the user in question is redirected to {{ytmnd|banned|a special YTMND}}.  This YTMND was created by [[Max]] as a special greeting for individuals who have received an administrative ban or users who have accessed YTMND from a forbidden referrer.
===Banned YTMND Content===
The banned user YTMND is simple.  The image portion consists of a photo of Ray Charles and the phrase "Perma-banned" tiled behind him and the phrase "You Can't See Shit!" juxtapositioned in the front. The audio portion is a short loop of Ray Charles' "Hit the Road Jack."
==User Bans==
The most common cause of a ban is due to [[Terms of Use]] violations documented by the moderating staff.  Occasionally, less-productive users can be banned because of multiple low-quality, low-traffic YTMNDs.  Typically, the users is given the option to either delete the YTMNDs in question or forfeit all created YTMNDs and chance a ban.
==Blanket Bans==
In addition to individual user bans, referrers have been banned as well. The most notable referrer with a blanket ban is [[eBaum's World]], due to the large amount of tension between the two communities. If a user attempts to click on a link to any site on YTMND.com, they are immediately forwarded to ebaumsworldsucks.com.
A referrer ban is easily circumvented by arriving at the desired website directly, or from a certified link that is not in the banned referrer list.
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