Advanced YTMND Theory

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What is this article for?

This article exists to reveal the mechanics behind what makes a good YTMND other than simply saying "I like it because its funny"

The 10 variables that take place within a YTMND

  • Humor
  • Shock
  • Abstract
  • Clever
  • Nostalgic
  • High Effort
  • Criticism
  • Dead Horsishness(I made up a word)
  • The Mother Site
  • The Voter


The majority of YTMND sites will try to score points based on "lol Factor" (as they should there is nothing wrong with that)

If the site is extremely funny then you are atleast guaranteed a **** by the voters*

*Voting may vary depending on the voters mood,energy,awareness,etc. (text goes here)


The Shock(or surprise) factor of a site will either gain you very high or very low votes.

If the site is a shock site it will be *}'d by the majority of the voters that pay attention to the recentley created section. Some users will ***** the site just because but shock sites are inveitably doomed to sink into the Abyss of ytmnd with a 2.16 rating unless the site is sponsored.

Of course the goal of a shock site is to just get it viewed by people not to become a hall of famer

On the other hand a suprise site isn't designed to shock but normally it will be used to throw in a fad image to boost the "lol factor" although not as severe making a surprise site will generate very high or very low votes.


Some users will make sites that people consider "artsy" but more so it is abstract (these sites have gotten sexymofo's seal of approval) zer0hue makes quite a few of the Abstract YTMND's as well as ROY4L, Sexymofo also makes abstract sites but due to his blatant downvoting they haven't gone much farther than a low ** rating.

Definition Of Abstract (text goes here)


The cleverness of a site is determined by how well a user manipulates the site mechanics. The best known exploit of the ytmnd-o-matic was the Holy Crap Its A Meteor! site

Another example of cleverness is a well placed pun ex: Seal Of Approval


A nostalgic site will use your memories against you to get a highly voted site ex:YTMND Search for Megaman When you view a nostalgic site you will think of the good times you had with that game/TV show/sandwich and vote in favor of it (unless you absolutely hated that game/TV show/sandwich)

High Effort

A high effort site is one that may not be entirely funny, abstract or clever, yet contains an obvious amount of work and is able to stand on that merit alone. Some examples are The YTMND Nexus 2.0 or ARTMND.


(text goes here)