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The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading
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Creator: boomaga
Created on: January 11th, 2006
Sound origin: music: Mouret - Rondeau
Image origin: soogle gearch

The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading was a YTMND created and read in a dramatic style by boomaga after the eBaum's World controversy. The YTMND became exceedingly popular, was added to the Hall of Fame and became a fad not long after [1]. Other notable dramatic readings include ones for each of the three top alternate universes, and the Chruch of Scientology's cease-and-desist letter.

"Yiddish cup"

After eBaum's World executive VP Neil Bauman sent a cease & desist letter to Max Goldberg which stated the following line: "Obviously you have lost possession of your Yiddish cup," YTMND users started to poke fun in many ways (and YTMNDs) at this insult attempt, due to the lack of professionalism this sole line denotes.