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YesYes or "Yes, yes" is a Sean Connery quote from Finding Forrester, he says it in triumph after he says the PTKFGS line. It is also featured in the trailer for the film that Max saw before creating YTMND, although it only used the second "Yes". It is one of four alternate universes on YTMND.

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The YesYes YTMNDs were inspired by the PTKFGS fad. The first one was doubley, created March 15, 2006 by Typhlosion. It featured the same background image as and PTKFGS. Two days later, Mewchu11 released his version of the YTMND, with a YESYES logo embedded on the bottom right side of the image, inspiring the fad of an alternate universe to an alternate universe. With PTKFGS already a popular fad, it didn't build the same momentum. Its popularity dropped dramatically days after its introduction. Starting with July of 2006, YESYES experienced a resurgence, starting with KomradePedrovsk's OMG, Secret Islamic Night Sky!. This was a YTMND which inspired a lot of other YESYES Islamic ytmnd's. This helped cement YESYES's defacto place as YTMND's 3rd corner universe.

After the recent events surrounding the EON8 Hoax, Deebsdavid received an envelope with a letter inside from from someone claiming to be Supercat. The letter explained how in Supercat's time, EON8 really happened and the world was destroyed, but Supercat traveled back in time to stop the disaster. Some hold to the belief that the alternate universe where EON8 happened is the YESYES universe, while others discard it purely as myth.

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Some of the changes include: