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July 3, 2005
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smoothmedia is best known as being the creator of YTMND For Gameboy, YTMND Pianist: NSMB, and most recently, The "Un-Funny" Truth About Scientology YTMNDs.

For the most part smoothmedia is known for making "faggy short films" that appeal to the broad spectrum of YTMND users, and are therefore highly rated. He hasn't really started any fads, but has made significant fad contributions/collaborations.

During the height of YTMND: For Gameboy's popularity, smoothmedia attempted to sell his YTMND making services on Ebay, in response to YTMND implementing more advertisements, thus selling out. Initially bids were realisitic, but after the bids reached $30 users began bidding ridiculous amounts (ie. $99,999,999) and thus the transaction was never made.

smoothmedia coined the term "ROFLBROTHEL" and made an accompaning site ROFLBROTHEL!...LOL!. The term has failed to catch on beyond a few ytmnd users.

A few hours after the 2006 World Cup final had finished, smoothmedia submitted France Fighter II Turbo. The gif image used in the YTMND quickly appeared on Something Awful and 4chan, and from there spread rapdily across forums with various people taking credit for the image. Numerous YTMND users created sites with the image 1, blurring further who the initial creator of the image was. Smoothmedia has since decided he doesnt give a crap anymore, and won't bother proving his work is his own in the future.

smoothmedia often makes YTMNDs making fun of conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, and actor Christopher Walken.

He has a habit of including a colon (:) in the title of his YTMNDs. 23 of his sites contain the colon character.

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YTMND: For Gameboy (Flash Game) - A Macromedia Flash game based on YTMND For Gameboy