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Sailor SW

That's my name, don't wear it out! Ha just kidding! Anyway u can also find me on the G4 forums AND coming soon... THE OFFICIAL STAR TREK FORUMS and YOUTUBE! Oh, and I used to go on the official nintendo forums by the name Pokegirl4.

About Me

Why hello, I am Sailor Sw! I love ytmnd, but I am still learing how to make good ytmnds. Most of the time I watch and comment. Yes, I do love anime, but I watch the original Japanese versions w/ subtitles. I abosolutely love Star Trek TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise and I am a Trekker! Of course, I love Star Wars as well.

My Website

Check it out, you will like it!


YTMND rules! I just love those fads! Good luck to you all, my fellow YTMNDers!