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Leave Those Kids Alone!, created May 25, 2005
May 25, 2005
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of Jan. 6, 2007
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Former Forum Moderator

Ozone31, or Ozone for short, is a YTMND member who joined in May 2005. He is recognized as a former forum moderator and the author of the Brick Killed Series.


When first joining YTMND, he had absolutely no knowledge of GIF animation and limited talent in photo editing. This shows in his early works. His first site is one of his worse, using a screenshot off of and using the over-plated Price is Right music.

Ozone's first attempt at animation wasn't quite a success. The frames jump around and the animation is far from smooth. He finally figured out how to smooth things out with Is It a Stock Broker?....

He slowly improved his craft, and finally had success in August 2005 when he unleashed a certain site onto the YTMND community.

Brick Killed Series

Full article: Brick Killed

On August 11, 2005 Ozone created the original Brick Killed a Guy. This has spawned 10 official sequels and many tributes.

This is considered the first successful one-man fad. Though there have been disputes whether or not Brick Killed is an actual fad, there have been fad compilations that include it. Such examples are Kratos Judgments the Entire World! and NEW!! Razor Gator Anthem.

Brick Tamland and the word "trident" are now synonymous with Ozone in the YTMND community.

YTMND Forums

Ozone joined the forums on June 14, 2005. His first memory is posting in the Site Critique sub-forum and constantly being flamed by MillionsV, another member. Since then he has become good friends with him.

It was in the Site Requests sub-forum in which the Brick Killed Series first emerged. Ozone posted a thread asking if he should have Brick kill another person edited where the "Guy" is. One member jokingly said "Brick Killed Dumbledore" and later that day it was created. After that, the rest is history.

During his tenure, Ozone was promoted to General Discussion Moderator and later Super Moderator. His most famous act is "Nuclear Forum Terror" in which he merged every single post in the forums into one thread. He first deleted the thread, causing mass panic as all the members' discussions and post counts disappeared. By the end of the day he undeleted it. When the Hall of Supreme Faggotry (the forum's Hall of Fame) sub-forum was created, the "Nuclear Forum Terror" thread was the only thread to reside within it.

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