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mod shuffle

Every 5th of the month at 11:59 EST, the names in this list will be shuffled by fyrestorm to determine 5 mods for the main chat section of ytmndongs. users who are abusive with powers will be revoked from the list and unable to re-register.

Please add yourself to be put in the shuffle. The selected winners will be added to the ventrilo user file. Users with multiple aliases will be removed. After a shuffle has taken place, fyrestorm will delete the list and users must reapply.


   * coolchick1794
   * rfbandit
   * Radiofreewill
   * TheOWA
   * steakman
   * tas
   * koryoko
   * kittyblender<3<3
   * Raggy Doll

Winners of 4/5/09 shuffle

   * steakman
   * DZK
   * kittyblender
   * davekap
   * tas

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Do not delete

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